• Bought a medium for my small, skinny 13 year old who is just starting to fit size 12-14 clothes. They worked out very well for him size-wise and they have held up to a couple of weeks at summer camp and some very rigorous hiking. He finds them comfortable and they've washed up well so far. For the price I would definitely purchase these again!
  • My son and I have these so I got a pair for my five year old girl. They are great except run very big. I got her XS, 5-6, which is her size. She will be 6 in July and weighs around 47 lbs, 49" tall. And these are big at the waist and too long. But I re-ordered an XXS for her as well and she will grow into the XS. These will be great for her activities in particular hiking and kayaking. I love the option of zipping the bottom part on and off. They do seem like they will dry quickly too, and be somewhat waterproof. They seem to hold up well and dirt appears to wick right off too. Decent price. Only gave a 4 stars due to sizing which could confuse and frustrate some people.
  • A couple of years ago, I blew out my shoulder throwing a frisbee "side-arm" with poor technique. I really messed it up and had to have surgery, yadda, yadda. After recovery and re-hab, my shoulder was still sore and I thought my throwing days were over. I had seen these rings here and there, mostly thrown poorly by kids and couples. Then one day I saw a couple that really knew how to throw them. I was amazed at the distance achieved, with half the effort, of throwing a regular frisbee. I bought a couple of them from Amazon, watched a couple of videos on YouTube, and headed down to the beach. Be advised: There is a "learning curve" to throwing them properly. Mostly involving reducing the force and effort necessary to throw the large solid piece of plastic that is a frisbee, compared to throwing the slight mass of a ring with no middle section. The difference is astounding once you get the hang of them. It was like going from a large heavy sword to a laser light sword. Warning: They do not float and if you are at the beach and they go into the water, they can vanish quickly under the sand and surf. I am now shunned by all my "hard-core" frisbee pals (kidding!) but the ease of throwing and the distances I have thrown are worth it. Try them!
  • If I had to guess I've been playing around with the Aerobie Pro for at least 25 years now and still absolutely love it. The Sprint is a great "take" on the Pro in that it is better suited for shorter distances and times where my "old" knees just don't want to have to cover as much ground as with the Pro version. The Sprint is very easy to throw accurately and is great for both beginners and seasoned veteran throwers. Even though it's much smaller than the Pro, space is still a consideration as even the Sprint model can easily find itself swallowed up in a tree!
  • Purchased as a back-up pair for a more expensive pair of scouting pants. My son is very skinny and tall and these are cut perfectly for him but would not be good for a regular sized boy. I knew that from the other comments I read prior to purchasing so I bought them intentionally because they are cut narrowly. My son's only complaint is that they "swish" when he walks but it isn't as loud as courduroy (for anyone else old enough to know what I'm talking about :) ). The zippers for detaching the legs are well-sewn and the fabric is sturdy. These should NOT be named "super stretch" either; the fabric is like a wind breaker weave, if that makes sense.
  • My son's school was doing a fun run fundraiser that was run by a company called Boosterthon. They were pushing the incentive prizes so hard that my son was getting upset. This was the next incentive level prize above what he earned, and I ordered it from for him doing a great job getting donations! (He's in Kindergarten, and really did his best!) Anyway, it's a fun toy and he enjoys playing with it. He keeps asking me to buy another one so his little brother can have one, too!
  • I had only used the Aerobee Pro. That one is bigger and heavier. I can throw the Pro two or three times as far as a Frisbee. I am unable to walk very far and this lets me exercise my dog from my porch. The smaller Aerobee Sprint can go a Long Waay. I have already lost one in a nearby pond. That's the beauty of buying them two at a time. It would be great if you had a variant that floats. Wonderful toy, I bet humans would have fun throwing and catching as well.
  • I got the 13-14 yr size for my 13 yo son for scouts. They are a very leightweight material and super thin. We live in TX so this is a good thing. The color is perfect. He was able to figure the zippers on the shorts out wih no problems, re attachinn them is rather wasy. My son is 98 lbs and 5'2. These were WAY too big. The length is good for him to grow into and would fit in a year or so. The waist however is about 3 sizes too big. He had to cinch them A LOT in the waist. They got here the day he left for camp so I hd no time ti alter them. I am going to add some elastic to the back and that should help.
  • Incredibly fun - can be thrown VERY far with much less effort than a regular Frisbee-style disc. A forty yard throw with a Frisbee-disc will go 80+ with the aerobie. Both the full size and the sprinter are fun. Start with small throws to get a sense of how easy it is to get distance with one of these. If you start throwing hard you may lose it. Mind the instructions on "tuning," as these may ship in a box that accidentally "tunes" them the wrong way. Had to "tune" mine a bit to get the natural left out of it. AWESOME product for the money. I've shown it to several people, and they all love it too.